Black Ownership (B-BBEE): 100%
Compliance: 100%
Staff Improvement & Training: 90%
Women Empowerment in Management: 50%


JMP envisions being a well-recognized household name that is trusted as the expert company known for putting communities’ and clients’ safety first. We want to be a company with a 100% success record in providing security services.

JMP is a Professional Security Company that was established in 2014 by professionally trained, experienced and qualified directors Mr. Meshack Mokoena who have over 13 years of experience in the security industry. We aim to build a more safe and secure environment. We are strongly against any form of corruption and we respect local practices and customs in the countries that we operate in. Integrity, Honesty, Truth, Trust, and Reliability is part of the core makeup and values of our firm and its partners. JMP aims not only to deliver the highest and expert services to our clients but also to unceasingly improve the quality of our services. The company is driven by experienced directors who pursue job creation and empowerment by encouraging equal opportunity employment regardless of religion, race, or gender. We go beyond our client’s expectations by adhering to our strengths, best service, professionalism, experience, technical ability, and reliability.

JMP Security Solutions and services, Surveillance, Guarding, Retail, Forensic, Information Management, Fraud,


JMP was founded by Mr. Meshack Mokoena and serving as Chairman of the Company. Who have 13 years of experience in the security industry. Our Senior Marketing Manager, Mr. Njabulo Mvula is an actively engaged in the field since 2007. Mr. Omphile Monoketsi is our Public relation officer with highly professional skills in Mining and Logistics. Part of our team is also Mr.Masilo Letlalo, our Senior Forensic Investigator, a certified fraud examiner with vast experience gained through the Western Cape Department of Premier, Forensic Investigation unit. He gradually learned forensic skills managing evidence handling under Law of Evidence (CPA),document analysis and fraud investigation steps. 


Our mission is to ensure the safety and protection of civil and business communities, to provide excellent service to our clients and society at large. We aim to minimize crime in communities, build strategic networks and relationships with various stakeholders, and promote integrated delivery of all security needs in our communities. We aim to encourage society to fight for a crime-free community and to create employment in our country through economic empowerment. JMP is also driven by the mission to create employment and fight poverty in any way we can. Giving back is one of our objectives; employment and education as well as building a safer society to live in are some ways we want to give back.



We are aware of the high rate of unemployment in our country. We also believe that Government alone cannot find sustainable solutions to this problem without the help of the businesses and the community at large. Our company will create thousands of jobs for young people and will design an ongoing training program.


JMP is well-managed technically in respect of the rule of the Law. Our material equipment are SABS approved and we subscribe to the insurance policy. We have put in place a bookkeeping system and have a qualified private accountant to ensure we are always compliant. Our company consist of qualified and experienced staff that respect the labor law.


Success is our duty and obligation; and success to us means to ensure the safety and protection of civil and business communities with the highest level of integrity. Success to us means our clients going to bed every day knowing they are safe and so are their assets. Success to us means closing each chapter of the day knowing we have kept people safe and their belongings and knowing we have given our clients a piece of mind.


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